Central Oregon Lakes

Central Oregon Lakes lists popular lakes in Central Oregon and area RV Parks and Central Oregon campgrounds. There are lots of great lakes and rivers in Central Oregon. Fishing and boating and camping are lots of fun at popular Central Oregon Lakes, resorts, RV Parks and campgrounds. Fish year around on lakes for Trout Bass Rainbow Trout Brown trout and Smallmouth Bass or largemouth Bass in Central Oregon lakes and rivers.

Many of the following lakes are in Central Oregon. This is not a complete list and some of these lakes are not really in what many consider to be "Central Oregon" but they are popular lakes so we have listed them.

List of some very popular lakes in or near Central Oregon and some resorts, lodges, RV Parks & Campgrounds near by.

Ochoco Reservoir
a reservoir east of Prineville, Oregon
Odell Lake
a mountain lake southeast of Willamette Pass
Paulina Lake
one of two crater lakes in Newberry Caldera
Lake Billy Chinook
an impoundment of the Crooked, Deschutes, and Metolius rivers by the Round Butte Dam near The Cove Palisades State Park
Big Cliff Reservoir
A re-regulation reservoir below Detroit Lake
Breitenbush Lake
straddles the Cascade Crest in Warm Springs Reservation and headwaters of some of the Breitenbush River


Lake Simtustus RV Park

Johnson Outboard Motors

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Photo above is one of the campgrounds at Paulina Lake in central Oregon.

The photo above was taken at sunset on Paulina Lake in sunny Central Oregon.

Steve Beattie catches lots of trout in Central Oregon. Steve says there are endless opportunities all over Central Oregon for fishing and catching any type of fish you could imagine.

The Odell Lake Lodge and Resort is a special place, and an ideal location for a vacation for one person or for the whole family. You'll find plenty of peace and quiet, wonderfully combined with lots of summer or winter activity when you want it. Our restaurant, which overlooks the lake, is noted for it's fine food. Located in the Deschutes National Forest and adjacent to the Diamond Peak Wilderness, the resort is situated in one of Oregon's most beautiful areas. Please visit our website: ODELL LAKE LODGE & RESORT

Fisherman's Marine & Outdoor

Oregon City Shopping
1900 SE McLoughlin Blvd.
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Willamette Pass Inn & RV

Willamette Pass Inn & RV
Skiing, Camping, Snow Sports & So Much More Including Camping & RV Spaces Located In The Willamette Pass In The Center Of Oregon Recreation Areas. WINTER and SUMMER fun!

"We offer lakefront and lake view RV camping on this ,(mostly), 10 mph. fishing lake just off highway 26 near Warm Springs and Madras, Or . We rent pontoon boats, have moorage available on our newer docks for those with boats and have a small boat launch/ramp. Most all necessities are available at the store including bait, beer, ice, permits, propane and ice cream.
We are open all year, our fishing season is late April through October. Seasonal rates for sites, moorage and RV storage are available. Visit our website LAKE SIMTUSTUS RV PARK

Nice Bull Trout!

Jeff Moore caught and released this Bull Trout at a very popular central Oregon reservoir.

Lake Simtustus
A popular fishing lake near Madras, Oregon and just below Lake Billy Chinook Reservoir.
A small lake just off the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway
Little Cultus Lake
A small lake located near the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway
Little Lava Lake
A small lake located at the head of the Deschutes River and near the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway
Lost Creek Lake
an impoundment on the Rogue River
Lost Lake
a name for at least 20 lakes in Oregon
Cabin Lake
a small seasonally dry lake southeast of Newberry Volcano and a popular place for birdwatching
Camp Lake
a small lake at 6975 ft. elevation, northeast of South Sister mountain
Cascade Lakes
a group of mountain lakes south of Mount Bachelor
Clear Lake
name for at least ten Oregon lakes
Crane Prairie Reservoir
Cultus Lake
central Oregon mountain lake in the Deschutes River watershed, and near the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway

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Davis Lake
A natural lake along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway
Detroit Lake
impoundment of the Breitenbush River and Santiam River by Detroit Dam
Devils Lake
A small lake adjacent to the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway
East Lake
one of two crater lakes in Newberry Caldera
Elk Lake
A small lake located along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway
Green Peter Reservoir
an impoundment of the Middle Santiam River created by Green Peter Dam
Howard Prairie Reservoir
an impoundment of Jenny Creek
Hyatt Reservoir
an impoundment of Keene Creek
Hosmer Lake

Life is great at a nearby Central Oregon lake. Check out Paulina Lake, Billy Chinook, Lake Simtustus, Suttle Lake or any other popular river or lake In sunny central Oregon. Enjoy boating fishing water skiing and local area resorts.

Todd Lake
A small, yet popular lake along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway
North and South Twin Lakes
Two small lakes near the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway
Warm Springs Reservoir
an impoundment of the Malheur River
Wallowa Lake
A melted glacier near Joseph
Wickiup Reservoir
A reservoir south of Mount Bachelor
Prineville Reservoir
an impoundment of the Crooked River by Arthur R. Bowman Dam in central Crook County
Sparks Lake
mountain lake west of Mount Bachelor and along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway
Suttle Lake
A lake on the east side of Santiam Pass
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